Vision for Instruction

God created man.  God gave man feelings, emotions, the ability to think critically, and the freedom to make choices.  God designed the human mind and body to teach us about His character, His power, His beauty, and His love for humanity.  God created man with the innate ability to see, touch, smell, feel, and taste.  God uses our five senses to engage and teach us.   Our vision for instruction at Ephesus Jr. Academy is driven by God’s method of teaching and His desire to restore our characters and image to His own likeness. 

Our vision for education includes active learning and teaching between students and teachers.  We envision students working independently and collaboratively in the classroom and outdoors. We encourage students to use skits that bring to life the lessons and content in their textbooks.  We envision classrooms where students are sharing, teaching, listening, and learning. We believe instructors should model skills and values we want students to learn.  

Our vision for instruction includes challenging students to articulate their ideas, opinions and arguments through writing, speech, and technology.  We envision students analyzing pictures, charts, graphs, and data to support their opinions and arguments in a public forum.  We see students communicating their ideas with clarity, passion, and authority.    We see students building knowledge through various means and resources.  We see the use of technology and the media that speaks to the minds, culture, and generation of our students.

Students are like sheep; they will follow their leader.  Instructors at Ephesus Jr. Academy believe it is of utmost importance that we reflect the character and image of God accurately and truthfully whenever instruction is given and wherever instruction takes place.  We see ourselves coaching our students on how to respect each persons’ opinions and differences.  We value character, various art forms, knowledge, quality, and creativity.  It is our desire to use all of the gifts, talents, and personal experiences of our students and teachers in the instruction that we provide to our students.  Our desired outcome in all that we say and do in the classroom, in the hallways, and in the community is to glorify God, deepen knowledge, develop critical thinkers, and train students to love God and each other.


Dramatic Reading of Powm